Tuesday, March 03, 2009

maral salmassi + bird peterson.

one of my favorite german artists is finally back with a new release: maral salmassi. on her new single 'my shit is on' she and her producer zero cash combine oldschool hip-hop elements with swirling basslines, reduced claps and punching kickdrums - an ode to the fun factor of hip hop back in the 1980s, straight up b-boy attitude!

'my shit is on' is out now on television rocks along with remixes from zero cash, nhan & taan and bloggers' favorite bird peterson. the original is up for grabs here and i uploaded a snippet of the bird peterson remix as well, as it's simply my favorite on this release! get those now but make sure to check out the other remixes too!

maral salmassi - my shit is on (original)
maral salmassi - my shit is on (bird peterson remix snippet)

you can buy 'my shit is on' straight from beatport, find it somewhere on itunes or pick up a vinyl copy at your favorite recordstore. show maral salmassi some myspace love!

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Bastille said...

Bird Peterson interview finally up