Tuesday, May 12, 2009

rob threezy.

nightshifters is well on it's way to becoming a major player in the neu-music-label world. already into their seventh release, they've had nothing but positive feedback about their heavy hitters. well, heavy hitter #7 is rob threezy. he was one of the original nightshifters signees whose first single also got snatched up by mad decent. it may start out a bit dark and brooding, but you know threezy wouldn't leave us without a bit of a chicago house buildup or two.

rob threezy - the change up

'the change up' ep also includes a monster of a remix by jokers of the scene as well as a second track with equally heavy-hitting versions by dj sega and one of our discodust favorites, mikix the cat. so don't forget to go snatch those up on beatport!

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Chuck said...

mad expensive though.