Thursday, October 08, 2009

clock opera.

london-based band clock opera only really had one track out in the wild for a couple of weeks, played a handful of gigs and have already secured a deal for a single with pure groove and received rave reviews for both their studio work and live shows from the guardian, dazed as well as from our good friends at dummy and neon gold, always reliable sources for the next big things.

guy connelly, the main man behind clock opera, told dummy he has always been 'interested in chopping things up, mainly electronics and just combining song writing with weird noises', calling his sound 'chop pop' and that's exactly what it's like. imagine the field being locked in a studio with arcade fire and you'd probably get a less awesome version of what he is up to. good luck we're having the actual clock opera here right with us and can once again show off with a premiere on discodust: here's the b-side to the upcoming single going by the name of 'alouette'.

clock opera - alouette

for a better understanding of the clock opera sound, you really need to check out the track that surfaced a bit earlier as well though - 'once and for all' has been on repeat on my system several times throughout the past weeks and is definitely high up there among my favorite songs of the year.

clock opera - once and for all

hold out for the very limited seven-inch single coming up on pure groove november 16th and expect to hear the a-side on here as we get closer to the release. and in case you are in london tonight, go see clock opera live at hoxton bar & kitchen!


leon said...

in it..

denparser said...

wow. amazing.

KPR said...

Once and for all has got a little bit of 'Miike Snow - Animal (Fake Blood Remix)' in it, like it!

Anonymous said...

one word "GORGEOUS"