Monday, October 12, 2009

erik hassle + penguin prison + plugs.

erik hassle is an up and coming singer from sweden who is about to support little boots on her uk tour from next week on. i didn't really find the time to check out his originals as i've been stuck listening to two great remixes for his singles "don't bring flowers" and 'hurtful'. while neon gold's latest discovery penguin prison brings us a laidback playful funky jam reminiscent of chromeo, plugs deliver an uptempo melodic banger in best 'blog house' tradition with vocal chops that remind me of nightcrawlers. lovely tracks!

erik hassle - hurtful (penguin prison remix)
erik hassle - don't bring flowers (plugs remix)

head over to the erik hassle myspace page to check out what else he is up to, show him some love and don't forget plugs and penguin prison (more on him soon) either.


The Lemur said...

Oh, the Hurtful original is preferred over the remix. I actually like it a lot. But otherwise I'd be fairly interested in Hassle if I were you. He's not as interesting an artist as his flamboyant hair and corporate backup might mislead you to think.

jizz maracas said...

definitely don't bring flowers is amazing. i love that the background beat is constant even through the dreamy parts. a nuts remix.