Monday, October 12, 2009


after thousands of track submissions via e-mail, myspace and what not, i think i developed a certain ability of being able to tell if something could be any good just by the artist and track names and the overall appearance. so when i got 'gold in the fire' by monarchy in the mail today and checked their myspace, i already had a feeling i am going to post this. only good people can come up with a name like 'monarchy', fact.

as everyone obviously seems to believe that music bloggers love themselves some mystery and detective work, i was hardly given any information, so if i can trust their profile and artwork, monarchy is a duo from london. more importantly, their sound is carefully crafted electro-pop along the lines of junior boys or the golden filter and the singing sounds sensitive and heartfelt to me, definitely catchy as hell and the use of falsetto and vocoders make it perfect! out of all the mysterious debut songs in the past months, this is by far my favorite!

monarchy - gold in the fire (demo)

whatever monarchy are doing next, we will keep you posted!


tonyharrow said...

you're pretty pretentious considering that you are blogging mostly un-signed artists that float around the blogosphere. you can "judge" the quality of some music simply by the over repitious use of battered cliches so-called 'artists' use around the worl- erm, internet?

aleks said...

tonyharrow: what's pretentious about stressing the importance of a first impression?

and i didn't say that i am judging the quality of the music by 'cliches' or anything, my point was simply that in a lot of cases it is fair to assume that silly name/package = bad music and that's a part of my pre-selection - can't really listen to everything i get in touch with and a lot of the times it isn't worth it either. but as soon as i listen to the music, my judgement is all about the music, what else?

wonder why you're getting mad about this and not getting what you mean with "blogging mostly un-signed artists that float around the blogosphere" - your problem is what?

a quick scan of your blog shows you're posting a lot of acts that have showed up on discodust first and regularly, such as felix cartal and sharkslayer. i must be doing something right then.

and by the way: avira antivir was acting up while i was browsing your blog, you might want to look into this.

Unknown said...

I'm enjoying this track immensely, thanks!

Kristin said...

"considering you are blogging mostly un-signed artists that float around the blogosphere"

ummmm, isn't that the point of these blogs is to find unsigned artists that you otherwise would never even have HEARD of. I know that's why I get the majority of my music from awesome blogs like Disco Dust.

ALSO. Aleks is right, and it is not pretentious at ALL to judge a book by its cover. First impressions are important... have you ever thought about how much work/time/money labels and execs spend on a musician's "image"

ANYWAY. Great post Aleks. I've been listening to every Monarchy Track I can find for the past few days. These guys are awesome. I am pretty much in love with their sound and I hope they continue to make amazing music.

Thanks for all the hard work you put into this blog Aleks. I know *I* appreciate all the amazing music you post. So yes, you are doing it right <333