Wednesday, December 02, 2009

primary 1 & riton.

after their summer smash hit "who's there", primary 1 and riton return with the new single 'radiates'. remixes from joker and riton himself are on the way, but for now enjoy the banging original which combines new wave and disco influences with current stomping electro sounds. don't miss the lo-fi post-apocalyptic rave party video either!

primary 1 & riton - radiates
primary 1 & riton - radiates (video on youtube)

the 'radiates' single is said to drop on december 7th via atlantic records, so watch out!


The PUNISHER said...

Primary 1 is pretty cool I just recently started doing some research on them, but cool post

Anonymous said...

This is really wonderful Club Music. Thanks.

Get Info Here said...

it's a nice picture. skeleton dancing in motion.

Anonymous said...

The vinyl is glow in the dark. Mr 1 Dropped off a copy after picking it up fresh off the press earlier this week and it rocks my bones. Bring on 2012!

In The Picture said...

Think 2010 is going to be a big year for these guys