Thursday, February 18, 2010

jokers of the scene remixes.

the word 'rejected' normally arrives in a conversation with a negative connotation. whenever you hear about an attempted romantic gesture, the results for a submission to an ivy league school or the outcome of a donated kidney it conjures feelings of sympathy and utter dispair. with the turn of the new year, i'm making an attempt to see the proverbial glass as 'half full' and put a positive spin on negative situations.

let's take this jokers of the scene remix, for example. it was stamped with a big 'rejected' on it but that doesn't mean it should go directly into the garbage. doesn't everyone know that we're in a recession and nothing should be wasted? not even a remix! so i'm doing my part to 'reduce, reuse, recycle' and not letting quality music go unappreciated.

ali love - love harder (jokers of the scene rejected remix)

the following remix for 'pompeii' by the wonderful les gillettes was obviously more well received, as it sits on the kitsuné single release next to reworks by boy 8-bit and aston shuffle.

les gillettes - pompeii (jokers of the scene remix)

check out the full 'pompeii' release on junodownload or on beatport and keep up to date with jokers of the scene on myspace!


a-rose said...

yeahhh many thanks for the pompeii remix, i couldn't find it yet =D

Matthew Grizz Stoddard said...

i can kind of understand why it was rejected. the 4.5 minute build just about gave me a heart attack (a good thing) but that's a really poorly executed drop.

Unknown said...

I don't know, Grizz, I'm kind of liking the Ali Love remix...they're actually both interesting.