Tuesday, March 16, 2010

dirty super car + grand hotel.

we haven't posted a real 'banger' in a while but this one is definitely worth it! grand hotel is a new london based label dedicated to electro, techno and breaks combined with a party series at both fabric and matter, acting as a platform for both emerging and established artists, already having acts such as plump djs on their roster.

the first release comes from a yet unknown electro act called 'dirty super car', features a chaka khan sample and a slamming electro-house remix by brisbane's the loops of fury. i am sure this is a sure shot resulting in straight fire in the clubs, so all you djs better make sure to bring this along for your next gig!

dirty super car - get a grip (the loops of fury remix)

read more about the first grand hotel event on the grand hotel website, taking place this friday at matter. and for all kids who are still into bangers, i think i am back on board as well, so hold out for more driving distorted club tracks soon!


Harrison said...

you musta forgotten what a banger sounds like. cause this ain't one!

not a bad track, jus sayin.

/prepares for inevitable raging

Anonymous said...

not a banger

but a super random track, that´s for sure.
Try to reward stuff with a bit of intrinsic creativity or when it carry some kind of emotions.

I´m downloading less and less tracks from discodust, that makes me sad

Koojo said...

gotta agree, less and less of my downloads are coming from this blog, and you guys are the ones who showed me the light of electro!

-5 internets, you may have them back when we see another high quality post.

herc said...

can't agree with the other readers here...

i love it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Discodust isn't censoring comments anymore? We can say things other than "OMGZOR banger alert" without getting banned?

Alexander Szajko said...

It almost sounds like a low budget high school remake of something intended to resemble sebastiAn's "Motor" based on the vague feeling of revving. Not a banger, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Come on, guyz ...
Ok, this sounds A LOT like SebastiAn's "Motor" but hey, it's quite effective!
I liked it = thank you Discodust!!!

PS: to me, a true banger would be this "Ruffneck '09" from EXCISION & DATSIK:

Anonymous said...