Thursday, April 19, 2007

all you can eat.

just recently i have featured the banging 'gluttony' by hostage. today i am proud to present a true discodust allstars release: a three-tracker ep with the still killing original and excellent mindbending reworks by two of my favorite artists these days: felix cartal and the bloody beetroots. just when i thought it couldn't get much harder, they came to prove me wrong - i love you guys. and everyone else, play this out and tear the fucking club down:

hostage - gluttony ep (complete package with artwork)

hostage - gluttony (felix cartal remix) - mirror
hostage - gluttony (the bloody beetroots remix) - mirror
hostage - gluttony (original) - mirror

on the more laidback side of things, k.s aka marcel pagnol from france conducted a perfect soundtrack to the hot early summer days over here. make sure to check out his hip hop project dizzylez and don't miss this funky fresh french house tune spiced up with kryptonite:

k.s aka marcel pagnol - freaky hoes (demo) - mirror

last regular track for this post is an edit of 'signatune' by dj mehdi from ed banger records, done by the legendary spiller, who scored one of the greatest worldwide modern disco hits of all time, 'groovejet'. if you still can't get enough of 'signatune', this will definitely help:

dj mehdi - signatune (spiller remix) - mirror

as a bonus, here are the dj sets from kazey, klever and kid fresh from the latest pink pony party. shame on you if you haven't been there. this is what you've missed:

kazey, klever, kid fresh at pink pony party (part 1)
kazey, klever, kid fresh at pink pony party (part 2)
kazey, klever, kid fresh at pink pony party (part 3)


PT said...

Oh man, those Hostage remixes are something else. Thanks for all the sick, sick music!

Anonymous said...

Ich weiß, einem geschenkten Gaul schaut man nicht ins Maul, aber dieses sendspace is mal der letzte und langsame Rotz. Ansonsten sind die Lieder natürlich deluxe.

discodust said...

snapdrive mirrors up now.

dioarmada said...

panthera loves the felix.

The Bloody Beetroots said...

Tnx Man.

deanosounds said...

Love the DJ Mehdi choon!

Anonymous said...

you guyz better pay attention on KS!

Unknown said...

wow..thank you!!!

BlackdOut said...

discodust = first post for blackedouttt ... I like the blog you got going here.

Anonymous said...

The links don't work anymore!!!
I'm craaaaving those tracks!