Monday, September 17, 2007

fukkk offf + the dance inc.

fukkk offf from hamburg, germany, is currently taking the electro house scene by storm. besides having two singles coming out on hammarskjöld ('the bottom') and coco machete ("i'm a freak"), he has recently done remixes for jumi and suicide club.

moreover, he also participated in a remix contest for the new single 'the boy who' by hamburg indie electro heroes the dance inc. (make sure to check out their album 'legs and arms') and no surprise, fukkk offf delivered a real banger and won. the single will be out in the beginning of november on audiolith which is also the home of a lot more german underground artists like plemo or räuberhöhle. thanks to the kindness of audiolith, here is the remix contest winner in high quality:

the dance inc. - the boy who (fukkk offf remix)
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and as you will definitely want to hear more from fukkk offf, here is a nonstop banging 20 minutes mix he did for discodust, featuring all of his most recent productions:

fukkk offf - fukkk offf mixxx
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check the comments section for the tracklist, show fukkk offf some love on myspace and stay tuned for more from him on discodust!


discodust said...

fukkk offf mixxx
tracklist goes like this:

1. fukkk offf - the bottom
2. fukkk offf - black phantom
3. fukkk offf - i'm a freak
4. jumi - f1 (fukkk offf remix)
5. the dance inc. - the boy who (fukkk offf remix)
6. suicide club - sous acides club (fukkk offf remix)

Anonymous said...

Great to hear some more .. been keepin an eye on these guys for a second !! Cheers !!!

robmaeder said...

Thanks! I just found your site last week, and I've found tons of new music that I love so far!

Unknown said...

fukkk offf the bottom is crazy awsome. makes me want to dance so bad . peace

Anonymous said...

People should read this.