Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ghostface killah remixed.

it seems scion can't stop to deliver the good stuff. alicia over at iheartcomix just posted a couple of remixes for ghostface killah, including reworks by guns'n'bombs and yuksek. what a crazy combination!

as you would expect, both remixes are nothing but banging and i really like the fact that guns'n'bombs continue on their mission to bring acid lines back to the center of attention. this is straight fire for the floor, pick those remixes up right here and listen to ghostface bringing tha ruckus like never before!

ghostface killah - charlie brown (guns'n'bombs remix)
ghostface killah - charlie brown (yuksek remix)

now head over to iheartcomix to pick up the remixes by dj mehdi and orgasmic.


Anonymous said...

why posting the same stuff as iheartcomix?

it feels like more and more blogs are posting the same stuff nowadays - this uniformisation is a bit sad...

dont get me wrong, I think discodust do a great job! :)

aleks said...

sly: hardly anyone reads all the blogs. and i like those tracks. i want to have them on my blog too.

i know it is sad that a lot of blogs just share the same tracks but do you think you are at the right blog to point this out? i am dedicating a lot of time to try and bring you acts or tracks that have not been blogged before.

and remember, in the end this should be about the artists. more blog posts = more hype.

and i just don't want to miss out the 'essential' tracks, as long as they are good and legal to post.

but well, thanks for the love.


Anonymous said...

Those two remixes are slammin! Gonna be hard to decide which ones to drop.

Anonymous said...

sorry, I was pointing that fact out - I didnt want to blame you!
that's why I wrote you do a great job , and I mean it.

keep on the good work :)

Anonymous said...

morten for president - call back -
bornheim kitchen - asap -

Anonymous said...

So I had this in the pipeline and was waiting for elemental to get back to me about it. That GNB remix is fire. Although I don't think I'll post it, blogs are all getting the same n shit!(lol).

Anonymous said...

That Yuksek miss is sweet, but come on, after that Fred Falke remix you just posted you should just shut down the site and leave that song streaming with an out to lunch message up. Do you really need anything more?

aleks said...

pax: haha. well, the show must go on!

Anonymous said...

Drop them both OK PARTY :)

aleks said...

east coast fury: true, don't want anyone to miss out on new la riots tracks. i am on it.