Tuesday, May 27, 2008

le castle vania + grum.

what happens when one of my favorite remixers gets busy on one of my favorite recent bangers by one of my favorite upcoming producers and adds the greatest invention ever - vocoders? that's right, pure goodness! killer. no more words needed, enjoy le castle vania's remix of 'go back' by grum:

grum - go back (le castle vania remix)

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Mark P said...

Awesome! Thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

i love living in one of Le Castle Vania's monthly cities. so much. and this is why.

Unknown said...

Ehh... I guess. I get kind of offended when grum gets remixed. He's so damn good.

Unknown said...

The Grum remix makes me go num num.

The Cobra Cok gives all the approval.

The highs on this track tickle my ear hairs like the cool winds blowing through the green grass of Mount Everest.