Thursday, September 18, 2008

codebreaker + kathy diamond.

not sure how familiar any of you are with codebreaker. you may recognize their track 'exiled' that miami horror remixed last year.

well, this milwaukee disco/funk duo are back with a new single (out on disco demolition records) and enlisted the ever-so-vocally-talented kathy diamond. you probably recognize her voice from the hercules and love affair remix of aeroplane's track, 'whispers' (or the original which is just as good). she delivers once again and layers her velvety smooth lyrics all over the song. light the fire!

codebreaker featuring kathy diamond - fire

don't forget to check out 'r.i.m.l.', the other track from the single on the codebreaker myspace.


Rabbi von Sydow said...

Thanks for names the actual files inna correct way! Love ya 4 that!

Looks like this -> Nice ->

aleks said...

yeah, that's how we roll.

i can't stand the random filenames.

selector x said...

Very nice! I'd only heard the Miami Horror remix previously. Thanks!

Unknown said...

oh yeah! can't ever get enuff codebreaker! love u guys!!

MUSICologised said...

thanx for posting Codebreaker, i love 'em .. like the most, discovered them via Miami Horror's RMX.. ; ) and turned out they have some really amazing electro-funk songs, like CALLER, DREAM LOVER, ARE YOU READY FOR LOVE..

funkin lovable !!

Anonymous said...

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