Saturday, September 20, 2008

designer drugs + the bang gang.

this mariah carey remix by discodust favorites designer drugs has been on a couple of blogs out there already but it's just too good, so you'll get it on here as well. this was their entry to an official remix contest for mariah's new single "i'll be lovin' u long time" and while i saw it high up in the top 5 for a while, it unfortunately didn't win. needless to say that this will be the real winner on the floors out there though. best designer drugs production in a while, i say.

mariah carey - i'll be lovin' u (designer drugs remix)

and as we are talking about drugs anyway, here's another recent favorite of mine: it's almost unbelievable but the bang gang deejays actually manage to breathe some new life into 'drugs in my body' by thieves like us. i was so sick of that song and couldn't stand it any more but this remix is pure gold. very close to the bag raiders signature sound, the bang gang deejays turn the original into one hard and real melodic banger with a great classic house piano part right in the middle of the tune. pure beauty, once again released on kitsuné.

thieves like us - drugs in my body (the bang gang deejays remix)

more addictive music coming soon. in the meantime show designer drugs and the bang gang deejays some love!


Unknown said...

Love the mariah carey remix!! Another great remix of that song is made by Aakerberg which u should listen to at

Anonymous said...

"best designer drugs production in a while, i say" you are aboslutely correct! addicting remix,extremely melodic though.

Anonymous said...

i listened to the whole top ten, and there wasn't a single other one that i would spin. It is sad that this didn't win

Anonymous said...

both FANTASTIC remixes!!!! wonderful post aleks!

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