Wednesday, April 08, 2009


it really seems like france is the home to the majority of nowadays' vintage synthesizer wizards and they just keep getting better. crj from paris backs up this thesis by enchanting us with his carefully crafted cover of 'ivory tower' by giorgio moroder (originally released on the soundtrack to the neverending story) and nails it down with his beautiful original track 'loverider' featuring thomas dorian. enjoy both tracks in full 320kbps dolby surround!

crj - ivory tower
crj (with thomas dorian) - loverider

neverending love stories to the teams from valerie and disco workout for spotting crj (years) earlier!


Swedish Tommy said...

Reminds a little about the early 90's epic frankfurttrance, like the Oliver Lieb stuff. And that's something good. Very good.

aleks said...

tommy: oh yeah, those were the days when 'trance' was still a rather 'cool' phrase. nowadays you have to duck down when you associate anyone serious with 'trance'.

sigh. that was a time when germany still was on top of things.

deb said...

WOW simply stunning! Loverider is magical. Thanks for this!!

Bradley D! (Flashmen) said...

Yess great arp bassline... love it :D The whole melody has such a feel good vibe to it!!

Anonymous said...

i don't care what people say or think about trance nowadays. i still like it. i do miss the days of the late 90's - early 2000's when Germany was on top of things. i personally always liked the kind of stuff George Acosta used to play. German influences with a little Miami Bass thing going on.

Tobias said...

ooooh, loverider is sweet. You say trance I say 16 bit platform gaming soundtrack. I instantly thought of the Donkey Kong Country 2 soundtrack. Stickerbrush symphony:

I love this feeling.

Anonymous said...

I don't like "LOVERIDER"... :/
It's boring with this voice... Pfff
Very bad !
But the first single is terrible !! =)

CRJ said...

hey guys,
thank you for the feedback! ;)

Anonymous said...

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bearbaby said...

cheers to this! crj is so great! his cover of ivory tower instantly flung into my top 25 in itunes. the true measure of love, right?