Tuesday, May 12, 2009

b. rich.

new york blog/label palms out and the bass battalion are back with a release from b. rich and la's whiskey pete on vocals. he delivers the wobbly basslines, the housey riffs and even if the track's title may appear 'anti-party', it's actually the opposite, a pure party anthem!

b. rich featuring whiskey pete - ain't here to party

boston's sluttt remix the flipside "can't take what i got" and take you on a drugged out trip down the acid hole to the rave cave. with the vocals pitched up and pitched down, sluttt obviously like to work with their wild imagination and a lot of substances. but hey, the final effect is win win win and won't give you a nasty hangover.

b. rich - can't take what i got (sluttt stopped me remix)

you can get the whole thing (including remixes from heavyfeet, ac slater and breakdown) at beatport, itunes or junodownload. you know the drill!

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