Tuesday, May 12, 2009

blatta & inesha.

blatta & inesha are back on discodust once again. last time their post practically ignited a riot on the blog (addition from aleks: and afterwards the whole world posted about them). well, i'm down for round two so let's see what they brought for us this time.

the first track's a bit deceitful. it may start out a tad formulaic, but give it about a minute and twenty seconds and you'll see why the guys are still keeping the blog world a-buzz.

boltan - laughing through my teeth (blatta & inesha remix)

seems like a rather odd pairing for the italians with telepopmusik since i only remember the group from the super floaty 'just breathe'. well blatta & inesha do a masterful job of maintaining a few key elements of the original while still hardening it up enough for the clubs. awww, is this what their soft side sounds like?

telepopmusik - ghost girl (blatta & inesha remix)


Unknown said...

synth might sound better if it was plugged into something.

that being said, wtf kind of synth is it?

JustDima said...

They're so good they don't need leads *insert Chuck Norris reference*

That's not a negative comment, just a joke, considering how on edge everyone was last time.

I'm not their biggest fan, but I can definitely see them attracting a big audience. And I respect them as producers. Taking said song and turning it into something like this, isn't just something "everyone" can do.

I'd have to say I like the Ghost Girl remix better.

Thanks for the post!

Bastille said...

Remember when Justice wasn't plugged in? Maybe they're just trying to be the next big thing like Justice.

aleks said...

oh guys. just shush about the picture already.

Unknown said...

first post answered. the synth is a Yamaha CS-30L.


Anonymous said...

that ghost girl rmx is frkn awsm!