Wednesday, May 13, 2009

foamo + la roux + man like me.

considering that i have posted nearly all of his (good to blog) tracks, you probably know the deal by now - foamo is still my favorite 'fidget' producer, although that label doesn't really do him justice any more. his recent remixes are far superior to everything i've heard from the usual (copycat) suspects in the recent past, as he keeps on throwing more well-crafted melodic synths and the arrangements are getting more and more complex, yet staying focused.

just in and constantly playing on repeat is foamo's latest remix for the new la roux single 'bulletproof'. boasting a heavy bassline and uplifting chords, perfectly keeping company with elly jackson's vocals, this remix will definitely set the big room on fire! enjoy another discodust first!

la roux - bulletproof (foamo remix)

and as if that wasn't enough, we've got yet another big tune from foamo that hasn't hit the blogs yet: man like me's declaration of love to the united kingdom's capital, 'london town'. piano chord stabs, amen breaks and a couple of pitched up vocal chops add some old school uk hardcore flavour to the driving bassline, turning this remix into a perfect summer anthem - so kick back and enjoy the sunshine. i can't even decide which of the two tunes is better, i just fucking love both of them!

man like me - london town (foamo remix)

show discodust favorite foamo some myspace love, watch out for the official release of the 'bulletproof' single by la roux and don't forget about man like me either!


Anonymous said...

bulletproof remix is great, lbut it wasn't really on discodust first. posted it a few days ago.

aleks said...

quote from's la roux + foamo post:

"/via discodust".

corevil said...

great remixes... im loving this blog. GJ guys

The Fat! Club said...

Head over to The Fat! Club and check Foamo’s alternative Dubstep mix: