Tuesday, May 18, 2010

dirty super car remixed.

a couple of weeks ago, we hooked you up with 'get a grip' by dirty super car, remixed by the loops of fury and released on the newly found label and events series grand hotel. in order to keep the track going in the clubs, the label unleashed a new remix coming from up-and-coming dubstep and drum & bass producer maximilian as well as a special vip edit from the mysterious strangers themselves, both hitting even harder than the original version.

head over to the grand hotel facebook page for more details on their upcoming event at fabric and watch out for their second release coming soon!

1 comment:

Needles said...

Unfortunately, these remixes have removed everything I loved from the original and focused only on amplifying the parts that were not-so-good. I'm calling these remixes failures. Dirty Super Car deserves better.