Tuesday, May 11, 2010

human life + polygon palace.

we recently brought you their remix of 'show me the night' by jump jump dance dance and now, human life are following up with their debut single 'in it together'. the trio resides in southern california and consists of joshua collins, matt wasley and rachael starr, all of them being established producers and musicians with a history of releases going way back to 1997. 'in it together' clearly underlines that their sound is inspired by both french house and classic chicago house and has already gained support by the leaders of the new disco sound, such as aeroplane, grum and alan braxe (who will soon be putting out an ep with them).

the single is coming with a great remix package, featuring reworks by current cutting edge producers such as kris menace, acid girls, jaymo & andy george, louis la roche and (discodust discovery) pelifics. my personal favorite is this smooth remix by melbourne-based duo polygon palace which is taking the original even further down the new disco road. enjoy another discodust premiere!

also make sure to check the 'in it together' video on youtube and watch out for the digital single release on june 7th. for more information and a download of the acid girls remix, head over to human life's blog.


Unknown said...

Real good Stuff!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

the beat is nice but the vocal sucks...