Saturday, December 09, 2006

saws versus squares.

'impressed' by solee is the first release on the new found german parquet recordings. i have been playing it for quite a while and to me it is the perfect peaktime electro anthem these days. the full release also has some excellent remixes.

solee - impressed (original mix)
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according to discogs, the two canadian brothers from shiloh have been releasing tracks for quite a while already, for some reason i must have missed them. now they have started their own label floppy discs and their track 'vice' is the first release. saws versus squares = mayhem.

shiloh - vice (original mix)

dada life from sweden had a huge track going with 'big time' on breastfed, the label run by mylo. 'we do have a plan', the flipside of their latest vinyl release, is not as rough but still likely to get everyone going. they have been picked up by norman cook for his very own southern fried records.

dada life - we do have a plan
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Anonymous said...

Wow that Solee is EMENSE!! I can only imagine it laying waste to an up-for-it dancefloor. Discodust does it best!

I like most blog browsers dont really leave many, or any, comments at all. If a few us take the time to let you know that these tunes are not going un-noticed then you'll keep delivering the heavy weight records.


- JohnB

Anonymous said...

I should probably get an account so i can correct my shoddy spelling. Meant to have said IMMENSE! Sorry.

- JohnB

discodust said...

yeah, it's definitely one of the best tracks of the year. i am curious what parquet will come up with next.

and don't worry about your spelling. by the way: i have also replied to your comment in the post about herve, in case you didn't notice.

Anonymous said...

I really should leave the comments until i've heard all the tracks in selection.

Shiloh and Dada Life are also tops!

Checked the Herve comment.

This website is going to be an absolute pleasure.

- JohnB (Jonathan Bird)