Friday, September 14, 2007

ocelot + dragonette + mixtape.

ocelot must be one of my favorite remix teams these days, after posting their awesome switches remix a while ago (right here), they are back with another killer remix for dragonette now that has been all over the blogs and on constant repeat in the discodust hq for days. get it right here:

dragonette - competition (ocelot remix)

thanks to ocelot and my friend franki chan from their label iheartcomix, we are also presenting you this stunning 1-hour mixtape that ocelot have done for iheartradio before it even aired anywhere else, featuring a lot of their own unreleased remixes and productions (and many many many vocoders):

ocelot - iheartradio mix (link fixed!)

and to make the package complete, here is a video including a live appearance with interview:

ocelot - live (at check yo ponytail) & interview

ocelot are currently touring the uk, head over to the iheartcomix blog for the dates.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tune. It's rockin.

Anonymous said...

sweet tunes...thanks so much. can we get a tracklist for the mix?

DavidLloydDoyle said...

Cool mix, did we find a tracklist?

Anonymous said...

guys i am still in the uk, will try to publish a tracklist when i get back.


Anonymous said...

Yes please the tracklist.
Especially the first song in the mix. About disco and riot and no techno!

Disco Punxx said...

uuuber-produced and yet soooooo fucking good.

the mixtape make many others pale in comparison.