Wednesday, April 16, 2008

el guincho + architecture in helsinki.

el guincho (known to his friends as pablo díaz-reixa) from barcelona, delivers a rather unusual mixture of 'spanish chanting, thudding tribal rhythms, ghostly harmonies, and the bits and pieces of a thousand as-yet-unwritten pop songs' (quote from the pitchfork album review, score: 8.3/10), ending up in some kind of 'samba psychedelia' or even more on point, he has also been called a 'one-man carnival'.

his remix for the upcoming cd ep of australian experimental indie collective architecture in helsinki called 'like it or not' just ended up in my inbox and the daredevil i am, i am taking the risk and decided that it's about time to broaden your musical horizon again and bring some tropical flavour to all of you. so if you are up to hear something new, check his remix out right here - like it or not!

architecture in helsinki - like it or not (el guincho remix)

the ep also features a remix by max tundra and architecture in helsinki and el guincho are touring australia together in may. here are two more el guincho jams from his album 'alegranza!' - the very catchy sixties flavoured 'palmitos park' and the plain weird neverending looping 'antillas'.

el guincho - palmitos park
el guincho - antillas

show el guincho and architecture in helsinki some myspace love. and no fear, i'll safely take you from the carnival back inside the disco in a bit.


Anonymous said...

oooh wow!! Antillas is hot!!. like animal collective - brother sport HOT!. 2009 is gonna be all about the tropics. good to hear stuff like this. get ready for electropic.

golightly said...

el guincho will be in barcelona at SONAR festival

Frizer said...

excuse me bur im french and i don'tt speak english and i hav a question!!
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