Friday, July 25, 2008

venom + damage.

the all-star blogger mailing list grindin is a great place to learn about new music and hear about what's really hot right now and thanks to bok bok and casi from flamin' hotz i finally had a fair chance of catching up the whole bassline/4x4 movement which incorporates a lot of influences from garage, booty, rap and fidget and clocks in at about 140 bpm.

i have really been sleeping on it for too long and well, so have a lot of other people and almost the entire traditional 'music media' world but as far as i go, i'll definitely spend a fair time of my holidays on catching up on it and other genres (like dubstep) while i have been focusing a lot on bangers and retro disco material in the past months. not sure if any of that will end up on the blog but i just noticed my music research has been a bit limited lately and i am sure you'll agree when i say i mustn't lose my edge.

bok bok shared the amazing 'frenzy' mixtape by venom & damage with the grindin crew and it contains a lot of heavy bass music, mainly bassline but some fidget tracks that we're used to hear on the blogs as well. listen to 40 minutes of new sounds and constantly pumping bass, bass and more bass:

venom & damage - frenzy (mixtape)

tracklist after the jump. additionally and as a great start for your growing collection of bassline tunes, here is a track off 'frenzy', also made by venom & damage, looking for some love in the club:

venom & damage - love in the club (frenzy mix)

head over to lower end spasm, curb crawlers and electric zoo who were all over the bass a lot earlier than me. and a shout to all the heavy bass producers and labels out there: send us your tunes!

1. chenelle featuring cham - i fell in love with the dj (t2 remix)
2. becky rhodes - angry 2008
3. apple - segalizer
4. venom and damage - paradise slugs vip
5. mr virgo – jack in the box
6. taio cruz - come on girl (delinquent remix)
7. ds1 - the lock off
8. witty boy - so happy
9. dj influence - vendetta
10. subzero ft.mnt sg - hmm yesss
11. starkey - just a friend
12. moves! - all skate
13. venom and damage - love in the club
14. crookers - big money comin
15. drop the lime - i love ny
16. lethal bizzle - selfridges girl not on myspace (boy 8 bit remix)
17. math head – turn the music up
18. sirens - club la la (dj q bassline remix)
19. 3rd face - canto della liberta (venom and damage remix)
20. n.e.r.d/douster - nosebreak (venom and damage remix)
21. disco d - what color is yo thong feat. dean & helluva
22. b. calloway - lola falana
23. venom and damage - a millie (1990s style at the boutique)


Anonymous said...

I feel uncool because I'm not on grindin :(

Anyway, that bassline in "Love in the Club" sure is raunchy.

Anonymous said...

This is why americans suck at dance music.