Saturday, September 20, 2008

cryptonites + kap10kurt.

discodust favorites cryptonites, one of the first acts we ever supported massively back in the days, hooked us up with a few of their most recent productions.

first of all, they finished a new remix for australian indie-new wavers grafton primary who you probably remember from miami horror's remix of their track 'i can cook'. cryptonites turned their new single 'she knows it' into a driving electro house stomper that you shouldn't miss. additionally, we've also got a remix of the same track by kap10kurt (pictured above) which is a bit more mellow and spacey. enjoy both of them!

grafton primary - she knows it (cryptonites remix)
grafton primary - she knows it (kap10kurt remix)

and as promised, we've got some more cryptonites goodness for you. 'revolver disco' was originally only produced as an intro and gimmick for their live-sets but was now given to the blogs as they received a lot of requests about it. the track is a rather downtempo banger which sounds like they put justice and sebastian in a blender, meaning: yes, the ed banger influences are obvious on this one, nobody denying that. but it works.

cryptonites - revolver disco

the furious finish comes with the proper final release version of 'hands of god', the track that first brought cryptonites on the map. it was featured on their debut ep but they passed it to me for blogging now because too many dj's out there are still playing out the early version. so everyone update this tune in your archives and play this one out from now on!

cryptonites - hands of god

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Harrison said...

you realize that every band you post can't be your favorites right....

not that I don't appreciate the tuneage

aleks said...

yeah i know, harri. just happened to be two in a row. happens.

not that i don't appreciate the fact that you're wasting your time on leaving bullshit comments.